Hello again

Hello, dearies, it's me again, hogging the space. This is my 15 blog posts of fame before my sis comes back from her Shanghai trip and wows us with her get-ups.

Okay, first thing's first. I know we're not allowed to wear red, because our Grandpa passed away last year. But before donning this on, I sent a little message to the heavens and hoped Grandpa would forego this transgression in tradition. (Sorry, Grandpa! :( )

I wore this last month on the day my dad turned 60. Being so far away from home and missing out on family festivities, I sometimes want a tangible reminder that I'm still there celebrating events with them. And I guess the only way I could express this is through what I wear. It worked though...wearing this little peek of red felt like I was celebrating my dad's birthday the whole day :)

And yes, boots in August. Isn't German weather so weird? It's warming up the past few days though, so maybe there's still time to bust out some flats and cute ankle and peeptoe booties for the last hurrah.

green top - Stradivarius (for 5 freakin' euros from a sale in Barcelona!);
black turtleneck - Promod; skirt - Zara (5 euros sale again :));
belt - Rockwell tiangge; boots - German shoe store

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