Last of 2011

These were taken on Christmas. We had lunch at Fort with the father side family and us cousins spent the whole afternoon playing pusoy dos and bridge on the patio. I liked being outdoors for a change. The breezy weather made me feel all Christmas-y.

And here's a video I just saw. Zooey Dechanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt reunited! And singing! I didn't know JGL can sing. He sounded really nice. Match made in heaven :)

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas. Here's to a promising new year!

On C: dress – Dorothy Perkins ; cardigan & bag – from Korea ; shoes – from AU
On H: top – Oxygen ; shorts – F21 ; bag – from Korea ; necklace – borrowed from ma


Time for presents and exchanging kisses

Three for three. All taken last weekend.

First is for a laid back Christmas party in the village. I think this is my usual style. Loose fitting and layered. Familiar looking cover-up? J got us the same one :)

Second is for a surprise birthday dinner. After 2 years, we can wear bright colors again. (Although I cheated a few times with mustard yellow) So here’s my first attempt for something loud and pink.

And third is for a quick trip to the mall for some (unsuccessful) last minute shopping.

And I finally got an Alexa look-a-like! I bought it from a bag stall in Seoul. And coincidently enough, I spotted a Mulberry store at the airport before our departure. The Alexa is so pretty. I admired its perfect slouch, touched the buttery leather, slung the bag over my shoulder. And I asked for the price. It costs 1800 USD. Um, never mind.

outfit 1: floral top - F21 ; knit cover up - H&M ; shorts - Promod ; flats - Payless
outfit 2: button-down - Robinsons Dept Store ; skirt - SM Dept Store
outfit 3: crop top & bag - from Seoul ; shorts - GH tiangge ; oxfords - CMG


3 layers of tights

I look like a full-fledged Koreana! Had a chance to wear the Hanbok in the Korean Folk Village. It’s made of 2 pieces - a sleeveless dress that ties at the back like an apron and a long sleeved bolero top that knots at the front. It’s really pretty. As much as I’d like to wear it the whole day, here’s what I really wore:

I practically merge with the background. Unfortunately my winter wear is very limited and they tend to cover the spectrum of brown and black.

I love the street style in Seoul by the way. The people look effortlessly pulled together. Nothing fancy, just comfy chic. Tights and skirts, slouchy sweaters, capes, boots, hoodies, messy buns – they carry it with relaxed flair. And their cosmetics stores are insane. They’re everywhere. I don’t normally look up skin care or beauty products except for the occasional eye shadow or lipstick, but being surrounded by all those stores is infectious. It makes you want to pamper your face.

pretty scenery nestled in the Korean Folk Village

Overall I enjoyed Seoul. I like walking around with no major “must see” places in mind. I get stressed if there are plenty of places to visit in a short amount of time. Not to say there aren’t sites worth visiting in Seoul. I just prefer touring around in a slower pace, even if it means not getting to see a lot. And for this trip, it has a somewhat relaxed pace. But not so relaxing dynamics. And that’s an understatement I won't elaborate here :o)

coat – New York Company ; scarf – Bayo ; skirt – Promod ; boots – F21


Korea 2011

Namsan Tower

locks of luvvv

Pajon. Spring onion seafood pancake. So so good

Bibimbap. Mmmm.
one of the palaces

Cool shops in Insandong. The colorful blocks on the right side is the directory

Thanks K for all the shots :)

Cutest sleepy owl ever

Amazing night parade at Everland

At Cafe Bene

Sticky rice bread with cream cheese filling