Here’s a few snaps from the 798 art district in Beijing. We had a fantastic time exploring the huge complex filled with artist's studios, galleries, cozy shops, and outdoor cafes. The whole place is just so interesting looking. It’s vibrant, artsy, and quirky set in a rugged industrial compound. Sprinkle in some random art installations and we barely gave our cameras a break. And it’s not populated with throngs of crowds like other touristy places in Beijing. Definitely a plus.

jeans - Zara ; yellow tank - The Ramp ; striped cardi - Mango ; boots - So Fab


Weekend uniform

Didn't realize how similar these 2 looks are until they're posted together. tank + layer + shorts. I guess it's all I ever wear on weekends since workdays are pants days. Meaning I only have once a week to show off my shorts/skirts/legs. And yes, there's a black version and a brown version of these sandals. I wouldn't know what to do if they're too worn down. Must rotate shoes.

outfit 1:  chambray button down - F21 ; tank - Zara ; skirt - Promod ; sandals - Payless
outfit 2:  satin-y jacket - Bayo ; tank - Mango ; shorts - H&M  


Now I'm back from outer space

Longest blog break yet. Been a bit lazy taking outfit photos. Which is good because this is sort of narcissistic. But anyway, here I am again. And to start off, here's a double post of blazers. Because if anything's going to pull me out of hibernation, it's gonna be a good blazer.

This one I wore to office. I threw on the blazer at the last minute when I heard we might have visitors. Turns out the meeting was cancelled. Toink.

This one I wore to a fancy debut with a Parisian theme. I actually didn't follow the color scheme of gold, copper, nude, and black, as I don't own dresses of those color. But the ruffles kind of have a Parisian vibe right? And I just hid behind the blazer to tone down the brightness of the dress, which pops out amid the neutral gowns. Not to mention to combat against the freezing air conditioning. Win win.

outfit 1: blazer - Zara ; tee - Oxygen ; jeans - Terranova ; flats - Payless
outfit 2: dress - Zara ; peep toe pumps - Payless


Last batch

Here's some leftover outfit shots from the trip. I especially like the first pic where C and I look cool and candid. It was semi-candid :)

And for the second picture, it's the same place where J took this photo two years ago.


Oui Paris

After months (years) of anticipation, we finally visited J! We went to 3 major cities - Berlin, Paris, Barcelona. The trip got pretty hectic at times - particularly in Paris, where there’re so many lovely areas to see. I especially enjoyed the grand courtyards of the Louvre, the winding streets of the Latin Quarter, and the city view at Montmartre. And I’ll forever pine for those perfect croissants. Every day we’d buy bread from the bakery, fruits from the produce store, cheese or meats from the delis, and we’d feast on our delicious meal back in the apartment. It’s the relaxing moment of the day before we start power walking through the city. And note, snail paced power walking is possible.



This outfit I wore a few weeks ago to one of the Saturday classes. After 6 months, the course ended today and I'm feeling quite nostalgic. Aside from being able to skip work on Saturdays (hehe), I'll definitely miss the people. Proud member of Club 99 :)

This one I wore on a Sunday to visit our cutie niece. I haven't worn anything this colorful in ages. I really like how the mix of blue, pink, and yellow worked out.

outfit 1: shirt - Oxygen ; jeans - Terranova ; sandals - Payless 
outfit 2: skirt - SM dept store ; top - Jellybean ; bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs (gifted) ; necklace - ma's



I match the room yet again. Wore this to R’s (surprise!) birthday dinner. Had grey trousers during day and changed to shorts for night. Kind of similar to this entry. Work appropriate tops + shorts strike the perfect balance of casual dressy.

button down – Rockwell tiangge ; lace shorts – Plains & Prints ; 
sandals – Payless ; necklace - Mango (ma's) ; bag – pasalubong from ma



This was taken on mother's day. We had brunch at Chelsea's. They serve really great breakfast food from the bangus to the baked egg dish to the peach waffles. We're planning to go back already - maybe for father's day :)

top & belt - borrowed from ma ; pants - Zara ; 
necklace - Rob Dept Store ; sandals - The Ramp

This one was taken a few weeks ago. It was a Saturday... and I can't remember anything else.

blazer - Promod ; tank - The Ramp ; pants - Zara

And this I wore today. The sandals were love at first sight. They just go with everything - pants, shorts, skirts - and they were on sale! How can I resist? I couldn't, so I bought 2 pairs :)

top - Oxygen ; skirt - The Ramp ; sandals - Payless


Neutral or not

I’ve blended with our dining room wall. The colors in real life are more like the first picture – white shirt, oatmeal cardigan, light grey skirt. Of course I chose this day to spill coffee on myself. The horror. After some furious scrubbing, only a small stain remained, though I kept glancing at it, sure to see it glowing against the light background. (It wasn’t).

And while the outfit projected a relaxed, zen look, I was actually a bit crabby that morning due to some mistakes a medal supplier made (for our mini fun run). It’s far from being an end-of-the-world problem, but it got me really fuming. Smalls things can set us off on the wrong days, I guess. Perhaps the Hulk is relatable after all. I simmered down before heading to class, though I think it affected the mood for the rest of the day. Good thing I had a mani-pedi date with the girls that night. Very aptly timed.

 shirt & skirt – Zara ; cardigan & bag – from Korea ; sandals – Parisian


Summery prints

While J is looking for warmer weather, I’m wishing for ours to drop a few degrees. Our summers are always hotter than the last, don’t you think? Wonder what the weather will be 5 years from now. (And similarly I wonder what the traffic in Metro Manila will be. I know, so random, but the thought pops up whenever I’m stuck in EDSA.)

So I finished Sherlock last week and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s whip smart, charmingly nuanced, creatively shot, and just really entertaining. Unfortunately we only get 3 episodes per season and the next one won’t start filming until 2013! Arg. And season 2 ended with a massive cliff hanger too. I’m pestering everyone to watch it so I can discuss the show with another human being. Ask C - I’ve mentioned Sherlock so many times that it’s turned her off the series forever. My excitement bubbleth over. Must control enthusiasm.

 Also, Benedict Cumberbatch. New TV crush.

Top – Bayo ; shorts – J Crew (Surplus Shop) ; bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs (gifted)


Hopefully the last winter post for a long time

This post is so backlogged and I actually wore this 2 weekends ago, but I couldn't let go of winter without posting one of my favorite (and warmest!) cold season wear.

More than its aztec detailing, bell sleeves and waterfall front, I love its most important feature--keeping this tropic girl toasty!  It feels like walking around the city in a woolly blanket.

It was crazy windy that day.  How windy, exactly?

This much.

At least it gave me a good reason to (ahem) delicately lift up my hand constantly and showcase my Orange You Glad It's Summer Opi nail polish, courtesy of my--wouldn't you believe it--my boss? :)

Fast forward to today, Berlin's temperature is soaring to the mid-twenties.  Hurrah!  I'll post this weekend's outfits soon.  And by "soon" I probably will get to it in two weeks' time, by which the finicky German weather will have reverted back to winter.

shirt - H&M; cardigan - Anthropologie Aleutian Cardigan; pants - Zara; boots - Goertz17; 
necklace - Tiffany & Co.; feather earrings - Urban Outfitters; nail polish - Opi Orange You Glad It's Summer