Winterfeld Markt

Busy busy busy...

Finally found a few minutes to post some snaps we took at the Winterfeld Markt in Berlin. It's an open-air market during Saturdays that sells all sorts of foodstuff, from fresh produce to Russian dumplings. My favorites so far at the grilled fish stall and the cappucino & tiramisu stand. The whole market is very unpretentious, authentic, folksy and down-to-earth...a side of Berlin that I absolutely adore.

In the first pic, I was trying out a homemade mango sorbet. Verdict? Not close to our tangy-sweet-tasty Philippine mango, but still quite good. In the second pic, D and I were waiting for our grilled fish.

Oh, my camera wheel got stuck right after this pic was taken :( Fortunately, our Greek Gleek Geek friend arrived then, Midas-touched my camera and the camera wheel worked again...for now. Btw, I was not kidding. He touched it and it worked. A Percy Jackson type in disguise? Haha!

Silk romper - Kookai (from 145 euros, it was discounted to 30 euros, I kid you not!);
pale pink cardigan with chiffon collar detail - Mango; black knit kimono - H&M; flipflops - Havaianas


Rain gear

It's been a rainy past week. Like nonstop downpour. This of course means flooding and massive traffic jams. Case in point, on Thursday we were stuck in the Manila area, and for 3 hours we covered the grand distance of 4.2 km. (I consulted Google Maps Calculator). It's up there as one of the longest stuck-in-the-car moments.

As for the outfit pic, I've been wearing this cozy, slouchy batwing cardigan a lot lately. I love wearing something oversized when it's a bit chilly. And it's drapey to boot. Style + Comfort. Thanks Achi!

skort - F21 ; tank - random ; cardigan - gifted by J ; necklace - gifted ; flats - Payless


Sat and Sun

Took Tubs for a walk in Eastwood (her second time). She received lots of oohing and ahhing. A complete turnaround from her first time where we got zero compliments. The difference? Pet store grooming. Tubs strutted with confidence too – tail up in the air, relaxed kembot/walk. My sister said Tubs probably knew she looked good and fluffy. I think so too.

So what’s the outfit to walk the dog? Something bright, tucked, and frilly, of course. Haha, yeah, I wear the usual stuff on work days so it’s always fun to dress up on weekends. And I haven’t worn anything this bright since forever. I love love this top.

After the colourful Saturday outfit, I reverted back to something muted, layered, and casual. And here’s C’s outfit. She wasn’t too keen on having her pic taken, but I argued, for documentation purposes :)

So Sunday was a girls day. Always fun. We spent hours in Payless in dilemma. We ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes each. My sister, cuz, and I even got the same pair of felt peep-toe pumps. Theirs in cream-beige, mine in black. Super comfy and not expensive. It’s a bit high though, 3 inches? 4? But did I mention it’s super comfy and not expensive? I can’t stress that enough. Now, where to wear it...

h outfit 1:  top - The Ramp  ;  shorts - Surplus Shop  ;  flats - VNC ; bag - Esprit (gifted)
h outfit 2:  dress - F21  ;  tank - Daley  ;  sandals - People are People
c outfit:  skort - F21  ;  scarf - Babo  ;  sandals - Charles & Keith  ;  bag - Promod


Prints, necklaces, and a bright lip

Yes, my friends, that’s a pair of culottes, aka skort - not quite skirt, not quite shorts. I had a bright red pair in elementary that I loved to bits. I used to imagine it’s the same as Sailor Mars’ skirt and I’d wear them as soon as it came back from the laundry. Well, a decade (egad, almost 2 decades) later, the culottes are back in my closet. See, full circle.

So I haven’t been posting lately. It’s not because I’m busy - more like I’ve been lazy to go out. I rather stay home, play with the dog, and have Modern Family marathons. But yeah, I need to change that.

top, skort, light green necklace - F21 ; 
black pendant - Mango ; flats - Payless