Brighten up

First post of the year and it's almost end of January. Wore this to the baptisim party of our cute-as-a-button 3-month old niece. I love the colors of C's outfit here - all bold and bright. And the green belt ties it all together, don't you think? My outfit on the other hand is more mellow yellow - a mix of brights and neutrals. I think a belt would've helped too.

Ok, so it's no secret I'm crazy excited over the Hunger Games movie. And just now I read an article on Kristen Bell who had a Hunger Games themed birthday party 2 years ago. Whut??  She dressed up as Katniss and her friends came in costume. And the best part is she had a blown-up bouncy castle on the lawn and labeled it the Capitol. hah! I love KB! Best tidbit from the internet ever.

on C:  top - Greenhills tiangge ; skirt - Promod ; sandals - Charles & Keith ; bag - from Taiwan
on H:  top - The Ramp ; skirt - Zara ; sandals - Parisian ; bag - from Korea