a tulle love affair

I have a thing for tulle. It's dreamy and romantic and frothy -- maybe it's a psychological remnant when one was a child and pretended to be princesses. I don't know :)

The skirt actually came all the way from France! I was in a wedding reception of a friend (very fun, casual reception at a brewery!) when I spied a French guest wearing this tulle skirt. Like a hunter on its prey, I couldn't take my eyes off it. At home, I searched online but came up grasping straws (and a frustrated handful of my hair). So, I convinced myself it was not pyscho to contact said guest about a tulle skirt and finally emailed her. She replied, saying how she loved the skirt too and that it was from a NafNaf store around the corner from where she lived. Then! Then, she kindly offered if she could get one for me to ship to Germany. She understood the rabid heart of a styleholic!

I guess you know what my answer was.

No, I'm not obsessed.

top - Mango; skirt - NafNaf; belt - from another dress; tights - H&M; shoes - Charles & Keith


Blazer + skirt + boots

First time to wear boots in Manila! I felt a bit awkward since boots aren't exactly weather appropriate in our tropical country. But it was a night out in the posh-ier side of town (aka Makati) and I was dying to do a skirt and boots combo, might as well.

That evening we watched 'Next To Normal' at RCBC plaza. It's about a woman suffering from bi-polar disorder and her family who's been coping with her condition for years. The acting and singing were superb. (The brother is my favorite) And the songs were catchy contemporary. But for a drama, I didn't feel for the characters as much as I thought I would. It's still a good watch though.

And to contrast, my mom and I saw 'No Other Woman' the night before. It's predictable but fun to watch, especially during the barbed exchanges of the wife and kabit. Unfortunately by the third act, the writers went all out - screaming, tears, slaps, and sabunutan. It wasn't so bad, that is until the spurned lover initiated a car chase on a dark, rainy night. And you know how those end.

blazer - Landmark ; skirt - F21 ; boots - Promod (borrowed from ma) ; 
bag - from Taiwan ; necklaces - Diva and Robinson's Dept Store


One of the better work wear

Wearing a good outfit on a work day is like putting on my game face. I’d feel more equipped in dealing with people or more organized with the paper work. Strange but true. Though usually it’s my (un)lovely morning persona who blearily reaches through the closet for a no-brainer outfit (jeans and button down). Hence the love for these trousers. It’s no-brainer and yet effortlessly cool.

Just talked to J a while ago via Viber for the first time. Free international calls through cell phones. Crazy. And of course we talked about Steve Job’s passing, which greatly shocked and saddened us. I don’t think there’d be another person in our lifetime that could marry tech and creativity with such style and charisma. Thanks Steve, for Apple, for Pixar, and for the inspiration.

pants – Mango ; crop jacket – Iora ; flats – Payless