Her name is lola

I promise to lay low on carrot pants since it’s all I ever post here. But these suspenders are just too cute. The pants is actually my mom’s (yes, she wore it once with suspenders, and she gets away with it!) I actually like the snug fit better than my own pair. I think I'll be borrowing this more often :)

As for the second outfit, the song Copacobana came to mind. Not about the night club part. More on the resort vibe of the outfit. But the song popped in my head anyway and now it’s stuck!

outfit 1: tank - Daley ; pants - mom's ; flats - VNC
outfit 2: button down shirt - Tango ; shorts - Surplus Shop ; sandals - Charles & Keith


fallin' for fall

Which website was I checking out? Summer Solstice, of course! Always looking forward to see what my sisters are wearing on the other side of the world :)

On my side, I braved the 13C weather of Berlin to wear this. When the climate turns colder, it's so easy to default to jeans and high boots, but not today -- when one's in Berlin, it's inspiring to put in some creative effort :) Blue toes? Numb legs?...ngiehh...collateral damage.

And today in Berlin, we discovered a little second-hand bookshop at Prinzlauer Berg named St. George that's packed from ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall with lovely, delicious books. I bought Ken Folliet's Pillars of the Earth at a steal--4 euros. When I went to the cash register for the store owner to ring it up, he told me I can return the book once I'm done reading, and he'll reimburse half of the price back. Sweet!

Another thing we took an iPhone photo of? My feather earrings which I got 50% off from Urban Outfitters when I was at Hamburg for a workshop. We have Urban Outfitters in Hamburg! Can you please come to Duesseldorf, Cologne or Berlin, too? While you're at it, please bring J Crew along!

Speaking of stores, a few weeks back we passed by an All Saints store in Berlin. I couldn't get it to check it out, because the hubby had a very firm grip on my hand and was literally pulling me away. He gives the term "fashion police" a whole new meaning. Fashion warden, perhaps? Bugger. Next time! Next trip, next outfit.

For now, I have to go a quick outfit switcheroo because we're off to the Fly Bermuda Techo Fest!

marled bands pullover - Anthropologie; shorts - H&M; booties - Zara; feather earrings - Urban Outfitters


Hello outdoors

I’ve always liked the look of Doc Martens but never had the guts to wear a pair. They look so 90s and grungy (which I apparently like, coupled with crop tops and loose shirts). They exude attitude that I don’t think I can pull off. So to substitute, I got these (faux) suede lace-up boots in light brown from So Fab. Not as harsh as black leather, yet it toughens up an outfit all the same. They look like a milder version of hiking boots. And they’re functional enough for an impromptu game of kick ball (which I previously did in barefoot when I only had sandals). Style + clean feet = happy girl.

And here I got a pic of C while she was talking to J. Sneaky sneaky, haha, I kid, I got her consent. I like the boho vibe, the mix of stripes and polka dots, and the different shades of green.

On h: boots – So Fab ; tank – Promod, crop cardigan – Zara ; shorts – Greenhills tiangge
On c: skirt – Babo ; striped top – Bayo ; bag – Greenhills tiangge ; slippers – Haviannas