Didn’t get to wear the scarf unfortunately. I left it in the car in a frenzied rush to get to CCP in time for the play. Never go to Roxas Blvd when there’s a procession folks. It was downright maddening complete with hand wringing and head-on-the-steering-wheel moments. In the end we just parked in the nearest parking space our car was able to inch to and then brisk walked the long shady stretch to CCP. It's not recommendable.

Anyway on to the outfit. I bought the dress more than a year ago but only worn it now. Whenever I plan to wear it out I'd find it too short or too baggy. I think the heeled footwear is all it needed.

dress – Zara ; shoes – Payless ; clutch – Charles & Keith ; scarf – from Bangkok


Updated Basics

I've been needing (yes needing) a black bag for ages but for some reason been putting off buying one. Then I read somewhere that a structured bag can make even the most slouchy outfit look pulled together. I thought that makes perfect sense. So obvious. Slouchy bags suddenly won't do. I need a structured bag stat! I bet you can guess what happened next and where all the Christmas angpao(s) went to.

Pop culture side comment: Sherlock has come and gone. Yes, folks, after 2 joyous weeks, the wretched haitus begins again. I can't tell you how much the new season made me more energetic and all around happier on Mondays when the episodes are available. No Monday blues at all nor were there holiday hangovers. If only Sherlock can stretch it's unreasonably short season, it will improve the quality of life... Kidding. Only slightly. But I guess that's how the evil show runners masterplanned it. Always leave the audience wanting more. Now excuse me as I go rewatch that bit where Sherlock and John get drunk and do drunk deductions. At least we'll always have that to tide us over. Til the next season! And may we not have to wait another 2 years.

Top & pants – Mango ; flats – Payless ; bag – Charles & Keith


Shiny shimmery splendid

Got these glitter shorts last December but only wore it now. I like how it's a matte sort of glitter. Not too bling bling if you know what I mean.

shorts & necklace - F21 ; top - Mango ; 
cardigan - from AU ; flats - Payless



I'm having a renewed appreciation of pants lately. I still like shorts and skirts of course but there's something sophisticated and classy in getting a pants look right.

So this track pants-like pair is one of the faves of the moment. So loose in a dressy-sporty-casual way. I just don't know what to pair it with other than white and gray tops.

As for these maroon pair, it's a lot comfortable than I think high waisted pants would be. Doesn't pinch the tummy at all.

outfit 1: top - Mango ; pants - Cotton On ; sandals - F21
outfit 2: top - F21 ; pants - Cotton On


Word of the day

So it's been a while. Understatement. It took me a minute to recall the URL of the blog. Anyhoo, here's an outfit. I'm really liking boy-ish clothes hence the boyfriend jeans and anorak. I've been attracted to simple, semi-androgynous looks and now even more so. (See Sara Strand's fabulous blog). It might look ordinary, but it's the straight forward silhouettes and the casualness that makes it appealing. Anorak is a slang by the way about obsessing over little things. So segue, I'm being an anorak on Lorde's album Pure Heroine. It's so moody and immersing and heartfelt. More than half of the album is in my ipod's Top 25 Most Played. Total anorak.

jeans - Zara ; top - Cotton On ; anorak - F21 ; 
flats - Payless ; bag - Hanuman


Green green

I'm loving the pencil skirt - work appropriate but with a punch of color. And something about high waisted pencil skirts makes me feel oh so lady like. This whole ensemble is from ma's closet by the way. I need more smart casual clothes!

As for the hair, I curled it with the curling iron - something I haven't done in 2 or 3 years. After having my hair colored, I found the curls stick way way longer than before. But the ends are wee bit crispy. Pros and cons.

skirt & top - Iora ; heels - Payless


Oversized things

I like how these 2 outfits are the opposite of each other volume-wise. First one is a full skirt with loose fitting tee. And the next, a voluminous crop top with short skirt.

I'm quite in love with the maxi skirt by the way. I've had 2 maxi skirts before but none as long nor as swishy. Made me feel quite grown up even though it shouldn't since it's bright pink. As for the crop top, it's one of those iffy buys. The shape can be unflattering  (ie makes the wearer look huge), but the kimono-like print coupled with the bell sleeves is hard to resist. It's a well thought out top.

outfit 1: maxi skirt - Mango ; shirt - Stradivarius 
outfit 2: top - iCandy (Rockwell tiangge) ; skirt - F21