Blue summer

Summer’s here and florals are abound. I got this top from The Ramp. The print is quite popular and takes on different forms – crop tops, sleeveless shirt, etc. I just hope I won’t bump into people wearing the same print. As for the blue sandals, I’m trying to inject variety in my footwear, which is currently populated by ballet flats. In fact I got 3 pairs of sandals over the weekend - as well as 2 printed tops, 1 summer dress, 1 mullet skirt, and a pair of lace shorts. Yep, my shopaholic tendencies are showing. Time to whip out the shopping ban.

top – The Ramp ; shorts – Promod ; sandals – Chocolate Shubar


What's black and white and furry all over

I'd never thought I'd get a dress like this. Not the 2010 boho-hippie MBA version of me. Not the 2002-2009 suit wearer me, whose most adventurous print were probably pinstripes. And definitely not my 16-year-old tomboyish self, who would have rolled her eyes in utter exasperation.

But this dress just jumped at me from the sales rack, amongst other dresses vying for my attention. And I thought--despite it giving off Kim Kardashian vibes--why not just see how it would look like on. Hey, I'm a curious girl.

Once on, I nodded sagely and knowingly at my 16-year-old self.
My 16-year-old self pointed back and said, get a better haircut.
Hmph. (Never again trust a frizzy-haired punk hairdresser with a bad dye job.)

(Btw, I love how I can throw on my favorite black blazer and wear this to work! It's true, people dress like this to work. I've haven't touched my pinstripes in ages. Crazy.)

dress - Zara, booties - Mango


A dose of green

Like my sistah I'm quite taken by colored jeans. Green jeans to be exact. Don't they look fun? I want more color in my wardrobe and this pair is a good start. And speaking of colored pants, my dad had mentioned before about a memorable outfit of ma when they were still dating - orange jeans paired with yellow top. Pa remembered it because it was so bright. Haha. Talbog kaming lahat. I think when it comes to fashion, our mom still reigns supreme.

As for our Pico de Loro hike, we all survived and in one piece too. A mini miracle considering there's around 40 of us, with people ranging from high school students to senior citizens. And did I mention we trekked from 9 am to 6 pm? We had a short lunch break and numerous mini breaks, but it's still around 7 hours of walking on rocky uphill/ downhill terrain. Now my legs feels like lead and jell-o at the same time. Not to mention creaky. Everything feels creaky.

top, flats, bag - same as last outfit post ; 
pants - Zara ; belt - Bayo


Click your flats

This outfit pairing popped in my head after watching the movie "Like Crazy". While the film was just so-so, I liked the outfits of the lead actress. Again it's the slouchy/comfy kind that I've gravitated towards.

So summer's approaching and there's not a beach trip in sight. Sad sad. But we will be hiking at Pico de Loro on Sunday, which is hopefully fun. I am well aware though that sweating on a mountain is not the same as lounging on the beach. Actually it's quite the opposite.

top - Oxygen ; skirt - F21 ; flats - Bayo ; 
bag - from Korea ; necklaces - gifted, Mango


An attempt at distraction

Might as well get it out: do you notice that the left lapel of my blazer is all tucked in and askew? Makes you want to reach into your computer screen, pluck out the shy yet offending lapel and pat it into place, no? Aargh, it's like an itch that wouldn't go away.

But perhaps distraction is our best solution at this point, so let me break down today's outfit into detailed sections.

I snagged the shirt up from Zara on final sale for 6 euros, en route to Spanish class. I swear the fantastical print sketch called out to me, "Hola!" And I was all, "Encantada! Muchos gusto!"

The blazer--even thought it was misbehaving that day--is my absolute favorite blazer (due to its casual boxiness and its smoking-jacket-type lapel which you ironically cannot distinguish right now). I already dread the day it might fall apart because of too much wear!

And how's this for distraction -- my awesome new neon blue pants?! I had first thought the blue looked kind of Mario Bros. cum high school janitor uniform. But it grew on me while I stood indecisive in front of the fitting room mirror, whilst the store attendant cheered me on to take the right action.

No worries -- I haven't since regretted buying the pants, as I desperately need a daring burst of color in this long-drawn dreary winter weather. (Plus, people at work adored it! :))

But you know what I regretted though? Not adjusting my blazer lapels before taking outfit photos. Distraction? Bah humbug!

shirt - Zara; blazer - Mango; pants - Ato Berlin; wedge boots - Goertz