Pink Sunday

Bought some wedges from Parisian. It's becoming my favorite shoe brand. Affordable and pretty. This pair's 50% off, making it just 250 bucks! I got another with even higher heels but I doubt I can wear it. Wearing this pair already made me feel like a giant. No joke. 2.5 inches and I feel large and out of place. Not a nice feeling. It's just that higher shoes have better designs! At least they're affordable. Not to mention very very comfy. I wore it from morning til night and I didn't feel any discomfort. Who would have thunk?

jeans - Terranova; floral tank - Trunkshow; cardigan - Zara; 
wedges - Parisian (from SM dept store)



quo·tid·i·an - adj. (kw-td-n) - everyday; commonplace

I'm not sure how I learned that word today, but it certainly wasn't from listening to the lectures. I think it was from a website.

Quotidian is what I would describe my outfit above, one of the few that I brought to Barcelona. There's nothing too special about a grey tee and black shorts, but it's so comfortable and effortless. Plus, I love the owl print. I love owls in general, period :)

I think I'll do one last post on Barcelona (and my quintessential flipflops), and I'll move on...promise :)

tee - Mango; shorts - H&M;
flipflops - Havaianas; bag - Mango

Work wear

I love these jeans. Fits well, comfy, and reasonably priced too. I actually bought an exact same pair for back up purposes :) Once you find that perfect pants, don't let it go!

This pair is of course from Terranova, the heaven-sent answer to all those sad sad years of ill-fitting jeans. I used to buy from Greenhills' XTM and Giordano, but they're a hit or miss kind of thing, which made denim shopping so unenjoyable.

As for the shirt, I have the same one in blue. Heh, pure coincidence. I don't usually buy 2 things of the same kind. The shirt and jeans are exceptions. I mean you can't go wrong with basics right?

jeans - Terranova; button down shirt - Zara;
peep toe flats - Charles & Keith; belt - SM dept store



With two more weeks left to our MBA classes, the school decided not to let us go that easily and gave us ridiculously amounts of exams and classes and assignments. Barcelona already feels such a long time ago :(

So, to relive the feeling whilst I'm currently cramming for our Monday exam in the campus library, here's a little snapsnot. It was taken in a coastal village where Saldavor Dali spent some years with his wife.

Oh, and I want to share this photo I took in the same village. There were so many girls on mopeds. Love the outfits, love the helmets, love the whole vibe. So carefree and sexy!

Okay, so it's back to Limited Rationality, Rabin's Anomaly, Expected Utility Theory and what not. Maybe if I apply these decision-making models on where to go on our next holiday, it might get more exciting :)

dress - H&M; belt - Powerplant tiangge ;
earrings - Bijou Brigette; flipflops - Havaianas

Night and day

I realized I have been wearing way to many florals. The last post even looked a bit grandma-ish florals, so I'm now imposing a ban on flowery prints. Mind you it's a short term ban. I'd probably go back to them in a week's time.

Anyway the upper picture is what I wore for our Sat morning classes (the last one!). For dinner at Chilis, I swapped the jacket with a vest, changed from flats to sandals, and put on some colorful earrings

And if you noticed, there's a sudden influx of furniture. The pup is currently residing in the mini veranda just beyond the sliding doors. She kept on scratching the furniture so they're all transferred inside the house for the meantime. I guess they're now my background props. heh

gray tank - Topshop; inner black tank - ? ; gray pants - Zara; 
studded sandals - People are People; cropped jacket - Iora; vest - Bayo


A yellow surprise

We celebrated pa's 60th bday at Katre. It's a nice place with clean interiors and good mediterranean fusion food. Somewhat fine dining yet cozy and unintimidating. It's one of the restos we frequent most in t morato whenever we want something fancy.

But we all have to agree that my aunt's gift stole the show for the rest of the night. My aunt handed a big red box to my dad. Pa picked it up, shook it around, and when he opened the lid, out came a 2 month old lab pup with a red ribbon tied around her neck! It's the cutest thing in the world! Of course everyone reacted with delight to the poor pup's expense. She got really frightened by our loud reaction and tried to scamper away. We patted and soothed her but she remained timid throughout the night. It wasn't until we brought her home that she began to wag her tail. And on the next morning she was really hyper, chewing up the newspaper to shreds, overturning her water bowl, and barking and howling like crazy to be let out of her makeshift cage. Yep, a new energetic pup to give pa some new problems and a lot joys. Best present ever.

PS. The pup's still nameless but the name in the certificate says Chi Chi of Suburbia. Ha!

floral top - DIY; skirt and cardigan - Zara; sandals and belt - SM dept store


Dreamy florals and the sleepy girl

At first I wasn't sure how to wear this tunic because it seems so short. But my shorts underneath is shorter so I guess that justifies wearing it sans tights.

On other news, a top I ordered online was delivered to me today! Receiving a parcel got me plenty excited. It's my first online purchase for anything too (plane tickets and iphone app excluded). Although I promise not to do this often. It's easy to spend money this way. But my size isn't the typical Filipina size anyway, so I only get limited choices online. Bad for me but good for my wallet. I can't wait to wear the new top!

tunic dress - Mango (gifted by ach); oxfords - Trunkshow;
bag - Iora (mom's); belt - mom's; bangles - tiangge 


Muy bien

Hola, chico y chica! I'm back from Barcelona!

Where do I start? The fantastic tapas, the friendly locals, the perfect weather (we even had one perfect thunderstorm, according to D), the incessant energy of the city, the inspiring Gaudi architecture, the picturesque blue waters and cliff landscape of the Costa Brava? Barcelona and the Spanish coast are truly inspiring and beautiful areas.

I came back to Leipzig buzzing with ideas, including the crazy notion of wanting to learn Spanish, as I come to realize more and more that Filipino and Spanish share plenty a common words.

Vacation is "bakasyon" is "vacaciones". Closed is "sarado" is "cerrado". Horse is "kabayo" is "caballo" (Double L is sometimes pronounced as "y"). Screw is "turnilyo" is "turnillo". Isn't that amazing? I had no idea that Filipino is that much randomly peppered with leftover Spanish words from the olden days of colonization.

(One funny word that has been "corrupted"--kubeta. In Filipino, it means "toilet", but in Spanish, it means "bucket"! :))

The hubby quickly dashed my crazy notion though, saying that I should master German first. Boo. Hehe, but anyway, off to the outfits!

Packing for this trip was a slight challenge, as D and I were sharing only one luggage. So I tried to pack stuff which I thought would be versatile. A super mini compressed "30 for 30" if you'd like. And it's tough! Some pieces transitioned well through several outfits, while some were only worn once. I was thinking of joining the fall edition of "30 for 30"--and if I do, now I know that I have to choose my pieces very carefully and that I need more training!

Here's a first sneak peek of my outfits in Barcelona. Some were taken with the iPhone, some with a point and shoot, and some with an SLR. Some shots were taken repeatedly, some were a one-off thing. One was taken with freshly-showered hair, one with dry after-beach hair and almost all shots had no make-up. As you can see, D and I were not disciplined in anyway. Haha!

More to come!

Striped dress - H&M; Skirt, floral tank top, blue button-down, black pants - Zara;
Flipflops - Havaianas; Sandals - Landmark

Stripes and florals too

Came from a motherside potluck bonanza. Nowadays it only happens once a year, or twice. It's always a meal we get excited about. Hello crabs. Hello shrimps. And while attendance was lower than usual, those present made it our duty to pick up the slack. Case in point is the lack of belt in this post party picture. I wore a black stretchy belt but had to remove it before tackling dessert. A cousin at one point removed her high waisted shorts (to reveal a loose tunic). Yep potlucks are not to be dealt lightly.

This dinner was in celebration of all the August celebrants by the way, which explains the 6 chocolate cakes being shared by the 10 celebrants present. And the last picture is the specialty cake of my aunt. Creamy flan + moist chocolate. So good.

skirt - Zara; striped sleeveless top - ? from HK


Roadtrip sunday

Tagaytay + awesome friends + good food + favorite dress = fun fun Sunday. Plus it didn't rain. Miracle.

We got to Tagaytay pretty early. Around 9:30 I think. We couldn't decide where to go so the first pitstop was Starbucks. I met the most annoying barista on the face of the planet by the way. He kept saying my name when it's not neccessary and he pronounces it by dragging the last syllable. Ugh. And he was doing it on purpose. I never know how to react to something rude like that. Plus it was Sunday morning when everything's supposed to be mellow and peaceful. Argg, anyway moving on...

We went to Chateau Hestia next. It was a mistaken detour but the yummy cheese pizza made it ok. Finally we got to Marcia Adams where we met Marica herself and her husband. Really friendly couple. The place has a cozy, rustic, mediterranean feel. We got the prime spot which was overlooking a huge field. (The Tuscany of Tagaytay as they're dubbed) For food I think my favorite was the herb crusted shrimp and the cool bottled drinks (peach, ginger beer, and lemon bitters).

The resto just opened late last year and the whole area is about 2 hectares huge. The couple is slowly developing the place to include bed and breakfast and other dining spots. What's cool is they use old materials from demolished structures to build the place. The wood, metal, bricks, furniture - all have history.

On the way home we stopped by Nuvali. There was a mini bazaar where I saw the prettiest capiz lanterns! I bought a small one in plum since that's the color of our room but my favorite was definitely the turquoise. So many different shades and when they hit the light, it's even more beautiful. I want it so badly but I wouldn't know where to put it. Ahhhh... at least I took a lot of pics.

PS. To my friends' amusement there's smoke emitting from my cam everytime it flashes. Worrisome? yes. Amusing? definitely.

dress - Promod (gifted by Ach); cardigan - Zara; black flats - ?
bag - Rosetti (?); necklace - Diva