With two more weeks left to our MBA classes, the school decided not to let us go that easily and gave us ridiculously amounts of exams and classes and assignments. Barcelona already feels such a long time ago :(

So, to relive the feeling whilst I'm currently cramming for our Monday exam in the campus library, here's a little snapsnot. It was taken in a coastal village where Saldavor Dali spent some years with his wife.

Oh, and I want to share this photo I took in the same village. There were so many girls on mopeds. Love the outfits, love the helmets, love the whole vibe. So carefree and sexy!

Okay, so it's back to Limited Rationality, Rabin's Anomaly, Expected Utility Theory and what not. Maybe if I apply these decision-making models on where to go on our next holiday, it might get more exciting :)

dress - H&M; belt - Powerplant tiangge ;
earrings - Bijou Brigette; flipflops - Havaianas

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