Roadtrip sunday

Tagaytay + awesome friends + good food + favorite dress = fun fun Sunday. Plus it didn't rain. Miracle.

We got to Tagaytay pretty early. Around 9:30 I think. We couldn't decide where to go so the first pitstop was Starbucks. I met the most annoying barista on the face of the planet by the way. He kept saying my name when it's not neccessary and he pronounces it by dragging the last syllable. Ugh. And he was doing it on purpose. I never know how to react to something rude like that. Plus it was Sunday morning when everything's supposed to be mellow and peaceful. Argg, anyway moving on...

We went to Chateau Hestia next. It was a mistaken detour but the yummy cheese pizza made it ok. Finally we got to Marcia Adams where we met Marica herself and her husband. Really friendly couple. The place has a cozy, rustic, mediterranean feel. We got the prime spot which was overlooking a huge field. (The Tuscany of Tagaytay as they're dubbed) For food I think my favorite was the herb crusted shrimp and the cool bottled drinks (peach, ginger beer, and lemon bitters).

The resto just opened late last year and the whole area is about 2 hectares huge. The couple is slowly developing the place to include bed and breakfast and other dining spots. What's cool is they use old materials from demolished structures to build the place. The wood, metal, bricks, furniture - all have history.

On the way home we stopped by Nuvali. There was a mini bazaar where I saw the prettiest capiz lanterns! I bought a small one in plum since that's the color of our room but my favorite was definitely the turquoise. So many different shades and when they hit the light, it's even more beautiful. I want it so badly but I wouldn't know where to put it. Ahhhh... at least I took a lot of pics.

PS. To my friends' amusement there's smoke emitting from my cam everytime it flashes. Worrisome? yes. Amusing? definitely.

dress - Promod (gifted by Ach); cardigan - Zara; black flats - ?
bag - Rosetti (?); necklace - Diva

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