Some heels would be nice

This pic is actually from June. For the past few months, my sister and I have been emailing outfit pictures just to see what the other one is wearing on the other side of the globe. (We are raised by a very fashion loving mom after all.) Finally we set up this blog to better document the outfits. I look positively sleepy in this picture. It was the night of my aunt's birthday dinner and we came home late. I take my pictures at the end of the day which explains why I usually look drowsy. Will have to do something about that.

top - Zara; pencil skirt - Bayo; crop jacket - Iora; 
sandals - Charles and Keith; belt - Greenhills; pendant - Mango


  1. AHHH can't believe i didn't come upon this site sooner!!!

    Keep at it. :) Love the concept, love the outfits, love my cousins. ;) Looking forward to more.

  2. aw thnx les! we feel the love! :D