Zittau country girl

Dear Sis,

I don't know if I went a bit overboard with this outfit. Please advise. And be honest :)

Last Tuesday was D's grandma's 90th birthday! So D and I hopped on a train and chugged 4 hours eastward to celebrate with D's family.

When I was getting dressed, I thought that those blue sandals looked cute with the outfit, but now I'm not too sure. Then again, D was almost corralling me out of the apartment like a diligent sheepdog, so I hardly had time to mule over it. On the other hand, maybe the bright colors helped D's Oma spot me better :)

The black tights were a necessity the past week to hide a huge blue, red, and purple bruise due to a biking mishap. Don't want to add too much color to the outfit now, do we? :)

Plus, I'm not too sure about the dress either...is it age appropriate? Did it look too busy with the ruffles and prints? Maybe a belt could have helped break down the prints? Although the pretty prints did make me feel like a boho country girl :) And I love one-shoulder numbers. There should be more one-shoulder and asymmetrical tops and dresses in the world.

But, what was important was that the birthday went well--champagne bottles were popped, cake was eaten, sausages were grilled and gifts were opened.

Still, I would like your advice :)


P.S. I thought I'd follow the other fashion bloggers out there and don heeled sandals while traveling. My verdict? I will hide a back-up pair of flipflops in my bag the next time! I don't know how those extremely fab-looking women run about town doing errands in killer footwear! Hat tip to you guys!

dress - Mango; jacket - H&M;
shoes - Deichmann (absurdly cheap!); earrings - H&M

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  1. No way, not overboard at all! I love the pop of blue from the shoes and the jacket gives the ruffly dress some street cred. Dude, c and I swooned over the outfit. By the way, is that a black leather jacket?? It looks perfect. I actually bought a look-a-like black leather jacket today, haha, will show it to you soon. And I love the one shouldered dress. ahhh fashion envy!