Hotel Seeblick

While the day is long and the weather is warm, D and I try to take advantage of the summer by going out in the evenings for dinner. It doesn't have to be fancy. Sometimes, we cycle down to the park and grab sausages from the sausage stand. Or we would walk down to the Karl-Liebnickt main street and ordering 2-euro kebab wraps (doners).

One of our favorite "KarLi" haunts is part of an old abandoned hotel that has been converted into a small restaurant, called Hotel Seeblick. Inside, the bare walls are covered with fading retro wallpaper, and a lone painting hangs in one of the walls. It has a worn, comfortable, time-by-gone feel. Their food choices are not too expansive, but quality definitely trumps quantity in this case.

D almost always orders their tender, juicy burgers whenever we're there, while I tend to shop around amongst their exotic offerings. This time, I ordered their rucola salad with strawberries, halloumi, and vinaigrette dressing. Yum! Perfectly refreshing from the humid heat.

After dinner, we surfed with the iPhone and people-watched.

By the way, the first photo is taken in front of our apartment building! :) Outfit is inspired by the Glamourai's science of mixology.

top-Pimkie; skirt-SM Department Store
necklace-H&M; sandals - Zara

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