Trail Blazer

How do thrift stores in the US look like? I always harbor this secret hope that I will stumble onto a designer piece whilst thrifting in Germany, but even stumbling onto a decent piece requires many a mini-prayer to the thrifting gods.

I did eventually find another thrift store in Leipzig and made a quick stop a few weeks before we packed up and left the city. Didn't really discover a lot...except the realization I need a better pair of ballerinas (preferably with arch support) as I walked to that far flung place. Ouch.

Just as I was about to give up though, my eyes alighted upon a lightweight denim blazer. It was a size 44 -- 4 sizes bigger than what I normally wear, but what the heck. My flat-footed feet didn't waddle all the way there for nothing. So I tried it on. The arms and armpit areas looked huge. But like a magician, I rolled up the sleeves...and magic happened. (Hehe, cheesy, I know :)) It actually sort of fit!

I normally wouldn't get something if it deviated too much from my normal size, but the tag said 3 euros (!!) and so that day I found out that I was a sucker for low, low prices.

The denim blazer is not wearable with everything, but it works well with loose, flowy tops and short dresses. I guess the feminine pieces are able to offset the big, boxy fit of the blazer. And I like that being 4 sizes bigger, the blazer hangs longer, too.

And then! I started seeing oversized denims on the runways...with weird arm sleeves.

D&G S/S 2011

Stella McCartney Spring 2011 RTW

Elodie Bouchez at the Chanel couture show, via Fashionologie

What did I say about sleeves and magic, ey? :)

denim blazer - thrifted; tulle top - Promod; pants - H&M
flipflops - the Havaianas are baaaack! :)


Flower power



Here’s my attempt on some print-on-print action. I'm not sure if this mix worked but I'm liking it so far. And the top is perfect for summer. It’s comfy, loose, and oh so breezy – elements needed to combat the infamous Manila heat.

As for the 4-day Holy Week break, we didn't do much. We stayed home, did some spring cleaning, played with the dogs, watched movies... It sounds awfully boring but I really appreciated the lazy days. I got to sleep past 9 and have unhurried breakfasts with the family. Ahhh, batteries recharged.

crop top – F21 ; skirt – Zara ; flats – VNC

The Wall

Welcome to the Photo Wall -- a 2.5 meter wide x 3 meter high blank wall as a canvas to take my outfit photos.

Who am I kidding. Someone had bought my bed and so I had to move the sofa bed to the other end of my room so I can have a place to lay my weary back. Weheh.

Since I don't know how long I'm staying in Duesseldorf, this "Zen" style of interior decorating works well. (Or so I dub my current intern / praktikant state of living of simplicity and deprivation :)) I'm trying to sell off as many unnecessary furniture I have in Duesseldorf, since my hubby and my basic belongings are in Berlin. And even if I do end up staying longer in Duesseldorf, I realize that living with the minimum few gives a sense of lightness and mobility.

The mustard painting is still somewhere there. However, until I have the motivation to turn this wall the "Gallery Wall", "Photo Wall" it shall remain :)

Outfit inspired by this post over at What I Wore.

cargo top - Stradivarius; striped top - Zara; pencil skirt - H&M



Here’s a literal snapshot of the past few weeks. My cam’s broken so all of them are phone pics. Needless to say my love for Hipstamatic has not waned.

Kiwi knows how to sit.

Cutiepie sis with her hippie, floral shades, striped crop top,
and peace sign pendant.

Straberries & cream. A suprise cake for a surprise party.

floral top - F21 ; skirt - Bayo ; flats - VNC ; braided cuff - Accessorize

I heart you tattoo on my palm.
These choir members are not the most attentive church goers.

Birthday dinner at Angel's Kitchen. Ma, apple pie,
and that cute bottle I want to take home!

At the Pinatubo crater.

Loving Red Mango again.
sheer top - Rue from Rockwell tiangge ; shorts - F21 ; flats - Payless ;
clutch - Mango (mom's) ; necklace - Mphosis


Dapper drapery

I recently realized how much I like skirts--printed, bubble hems, full, pencil-cut, high-waist, draped. There are so many girly, creative varieties, and that is not counting the type of fabric used.

You may be wondering where I nabbed this lovely navy blue skirt--at one of my fave "tiangge" places in Manila--Rockwell Powerplant!

But I think the more pressing question is how come my whole background's all crazy-tilted like Alice in Wonderland and I'm not? Hmm, maybe I did fall into a rabbit hole sometime during the day. That could explain why boss no.3 was beginning to look like the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee& Tweedledum and the Queen of Hearts all rolled into one big psycho glop.

floral blouse - Zara; skirt - Rockwell tiangge buy; shoes - Charles & Keith



Sorry for the messy hair. I took this pic after taking my sis' long distance call. And the best phone calls are made while lying on bed, haha. Or that's just me.

striped top – GH tiangge ; jacket – from Pricemart ; shorts – Bayo ; 
flats – Payless ; bracelet – Accessorize


Plaid mini

This skirt is very Serena van der Woodsen of Season 1, don’t you think? All it needs is a white shirt and a thin necktie. Or it can be Britney circa Hit Me Baby with a knotted button-down and some pigtails. If there’s a costume party anywhere I’m set to go. But seriously, I love this skirt – stylishly short and yet no pinching or pulling required. Very comfy.

The day after this we joined a hike in Mt. Pinatubo. It was pretty tiring. We started with a 3-hour car ride, then an hour of bumpy 4x4, and finally a 1 ½ hour upward trek. The climb can be made faster, but we slowpokes took our time. Fit we are not. The landscape is really lovely, not only at the crater but in the route itself. We were surrounded by lush greens, passed through ravine-like structures, and crossed over rippling streams. It was a much needed break from the city.

P.S. I’ve been borrowing my mom’s cam and it’s tricky to use, hence the over exposed pics. I’m so wishing for a Canon S95 or Lumix LX-5. Time to fill up the piggy bank!

top – Promod ; skirt – J's hand me down; 
bag – Egg ; sandals – People are People


I've always loved Berlin. So imagine my excitement when the hubby's department was transferred to Berlin, which meant we're moving, too! There is, of course, the very minor detail that my internship's in Duesseldorf. Ahem. We will figure that out later...and soon! (I hope!)

Last weekend, we took a break from all the unpacking and decided to explore the little pockets of communities which make Berlin so special and cozy. But not before taking some quick outfit shots in our humble apartment with gorgeous light.

The best filtered light is apparently in the kitchen, as evidenced by picture numero uno. As for the rest of the apartment? Bathed in sunlight! Bedazzled!

Saturday's outfit was a callback to the 70's. I finally got my wide leg flared jeans...on sale, of course ;)

Sunday's outfit ended up being man-repeller-ish. I hadn't been planning on wearing the fur-collared vest and the flared jeans with the dress, but the weather got chilly (although sunny--tricky, tricky). So, between freezing to a lump (which is not fashionable) or repelling men (which is fashionable, and fun to mess with the hubby's man-brain), I chose the latter. And I liked it! :)

More of Berlin soon...

Outfit 1: top and jeans - Mango; vest - Promod; Boots - Kampingen
Outfit 2: dress - H&M; olive green parka - Stradivarius; black cardigan - Zara