I've always loved Berlin. So imagine my excitement when the hubby's department was transferred to Berlin, which meant we're moving, too! There is, of course, the very minor detail that my internship's in Duesseldorf. Ahem. We will figure that out later...and soon! (I hope!)

Last weekend, we took a break from all the unpacking and decided to explore the little pockets of communities which make Berlin so special and cozy. But not before taking some quick outfit shots in our humble apartment with gorgeous light.

The best filtered light is apparently in the kitchen, as evidenced by picture numero uno. As for the rest of the apartment? Bathed in sunlight! Bedazzled!

Saturday's outfit was a callback to the 70's. I finally got my wide leg flared jeans...on sale, of course ;)

Sunday's outfit ended up being man-repeller-ish. I hadn't been planning on wearing the fur-collared vest and the flared jeans with the dress, but the weather got chilly (although sunny--tricky, tricky). So, between freezing to a lump (which is not fashionable) or repelling men (which is fashionable, and fun to mess with the hubby's man-brain), I chose the latter. And I liked it! :)

More of Berlin soon...

Outfit 1: top and jeans - Mango; vest - Promod; Boots - Kampingen
Outfit 2: dress - H&M; olive green parka - Stradivarius; black cardigan - Zara

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