Green green

I'm loving the pencil skirt - work appropriate but with a punch of color. And something about high waisted pencil skirts makes me feel oh so lady like. This whole ensemble is from ma's closet by the way. I need more smart casual clothes!

As for the hair, I curled it with the curling iron - something I haven't done in 2 or 3 years. After having my hair colored, I found the curls stick way way longer than before. But the ends are wee bit crispy. Pros and cons.

skirt & top - Iora ; heels - Payless


Oversized things

I like how these 2 outfits are the opposite of each other volume-wise. First one is a full skirt with loose fitting tee. And the next, a voluminous crop top with short skirt.

I'm quite in love with the maxi skirt by the way. I've had 2 maxi skirts before but none as long nor as swishy. Made me feel quite grown up even though it shouldn't since it's bright pink. As for the crop top, it's one of those iffy buys. The shape can be unflattering  (ie makes the wearer look huge), but the kimono-like print coupled with the bell sleeves is hard to resist. It's a well thought out top.

outfit 1: maxi skirt - Mango ; shirt - Stradivarius 
outfit 2: top - iCandy (Rockwell tiangge) ; skirt - F21


Bling ring-ing it up

These are from the LA leg of the trip (which now seems eons ago). I got the dress for 5 bucks from Cotton On. Sweet. We went to Santa Monica Beach that day - walked along the shore, had a cold latte on the pier, secretly hoping to spot a specific film crew somewhere in the premises (actually anywhere in the city). Well guess what? Two weeks or so after that, the Veronica Mars cast, namely the sassy blonde herself, Ms Kristen Bell, was filming in Santa Monica Beach. Say whaatt? Right? At least I can say I walked the pier where they were. Breathed the same salty air. Stepped on the same fine sand... haha, yeah, nuts

And to continue our trivia segment, here's one: People in LA (or perhaps US in general) don't use the word shooting with regards to making a movie; they say filming instead, since shooting equates to the bad type of shooting. I guess that's the current state of the peace and order in a nutshell.

dress - Cotton On ; cardigan - Zara ; boots - So Fab