My "photographer", I think, forgot his contacts for this shoot. Teehee. But that's okay, because "blur" is what I've been feeling the past couple of months, what with all the new stuff at work. So let's call this series of outfit posts as interpretative-slash-abstract.

Hmm, so what about this photo? You can interpret this fur thing as my feline cunning and prowess waiting to be unleashed with a fearsome rawr -- but only if I can keep my sleepy eyes open long enough to do so. (Oh work, why are you stressful these days?)

And this photo? "Look, it's a squirrel! SQUIRREL!"

First outfit: black shirt (probably 9 years old now)- Park Square tiangge; drapey top - COS; pants - H&M; boots - Kemper
Second outfit: blue top and fur vest - Zara; black pleather jacket and pants - H&M; boots - Kemper


Peachy prep

Taken a few weeks ago. Corduroy pants, collared top, knitted cardigan – it wasn’t a conscious effort to look preppy until I decided to wear the shoes to cinch the effect. According to my sister I look like a teacher. Also valid.

pants – Zara ; top – Robinsons Dept Store ; cardigan – from Korea ; oxfords – CMG


The post with the dog

We took these 2 Sundays ago. Our lab Kiwi managed to sneak into some of the photos. She’s now 1 ½ year old - very hyper and easily excitable. When she gets too unruly, I try to be calm and assertive and do the Caesar Milan finger jab. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any effect; in fact I don’t think she feels the jab at all. A proud pack leader I am not.

But honestly, we’re all in love with Kiwi. She’s so playful and affectionate. Patting Kiwi is the most effective way to unwind after a long day of work – highly appreciated on crap days like most Mondays. So though Kiwi still has episodes of chewing slippers, destroying things, and uprooting plants (Caesar would not approve), we can’t stay mad for too long.

On C: top – F21 ; skirt – The Ramp ; sandals – Charles & Keith
On H: ruffle top – F21 ; cover-up – Museum Clothing ; shorts – Greenhills tiangge ; sandals - Parisian