Color blocking

Look at the painting. Now look at the shirt. Betcha can't guess what my favorite color is.

I'm trying to dress more colorfully to make the spring feeling more tangible, but I was surprised that it ended up feeling weird at work, where most donned grays, blacks and neutrals or dusky color palettes. There was a moment today where I felt amateurish in my marigold and bright blue, which is odd, because "vibrant" and "color-intense" and "vivid" are words that get thrown around a lot in the office.

Oh, I get it. Maybe my co-workers think I'm starting to look like a product packaging. Hee.

yellow cardigan - Mango ; blue dress - Kookai ; black tank - H&M
shoes - Charles & Keith


Made up, dress down

Spent the Sunday with C and her friend at Rockwell. The Wonder Woman collection from MAC was being launched and turns out there's really a target market for it. We ran into a cousin who arrived 9 AM plus and she was already the 19th person in line. Who knew? As a nerdy fan of the JLA series, the marketing looked pretty enticing. It probably makes you feel like you're channeling Diana of Themyscira with a swipe of lipstick or a pat of powder. And the packaging looks cool - primary red and blue with yellow trim. I'd buy something if they weren't so pricey.

My interest in make-up started somewhat recently. I bought my first ever lipstick last week and it's Maybeline's 'cosy tangerine' - a bright, happy shade perfect for summer. I wanted to get the pale pink shade too, but I have a false notion that spending 299 bucks on two separate occasions is better than spending 598 bucks in one go. I'll probably get it soon though. Slippery slope this make-up business.

top & belt - F21 ; jeans - unknown brand from TJ Max ; 
flats - VNC ; bag - Jellybean


Caught the Zeitgeist & Glamour photography exhibition two weekends ago with the hubby at the NRW Forum in Duesseldorf. Moments of the 60's and 70's, wherein celebrities, socialites, fashion designers, models, artists, pop culture icons and royalty are frozen in time, in black, white and sepias.

Twiggy, Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Clint Eastwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Brigitte Bardot were only a few of the familiar names. I got to know a bit more about the German glitterati while perusing paparazzi photos of playboy Gunther Sachs and gorgeous models Uschi Obermeier and Veruschka. An engaging exhibit and comes as recommended on my list.

I think my outfit may belong to its ranks, if only because of the smokes and mirrors it provides. i.e. Holy smokes, have you seen a mirror lately?! Because I realized that weekend that this thick woolly pullover is tricky to wear, given certain angles. Can you say, chubby chubby cheesecake?

shirtdress, sweater & pants - H&M; boots - Goertz 17; earrings - self-made with materials from Idee
bag - Friztie aus Preussen (my usual bag from the tiangge had sadly buckled from the weight)


To the Cinema

Watched The King's Speech with a couple of friends a few nights ago at Duesseldorf's Cinestar. Tried to keep it--ahem--regal with breton stripes and a flower corsage, finishing up with black tights and black kitten heels. I could not stop giving the royal screwing-in-the-lightbulb wave to all the common folks in the streets.

The skirt originally belongs to a suit ensemble (the top of which I worn here), but I find that I like them much better as separates. Not as matchy-matchy. The unfortunate consequence of having my shirt tucked out like that was the whole lot of sucking in I had to do. Any other way would have not been regal. Bless the King that it's dark inside the cinema and that the bucket of popcorn was big enough to cover what darkness can't :)

Now on to a more tasteful topic...

The King's Speech totally blew me away. The story itself was inspiring, but each film element contributed to make the end result more than the sum of its parts. The acting was superb, the screenplay was witty, the cinematography was set up to feel like pictures and paintings, and the music was employed superbly. Certainly a must-see. Or must-sees...because I watched it again with the hubby last night at Berlin's Sony Center :) As the hubby reviewed afterwards, "This is how all movies should be."

top - H&M; skirt - Promod; shoes - Charles & Keith;
tights - H&M; belt - from other outfit bought in PH


Easy, breezy, butch

A pair of seriously comfy pants from 2006.

corduroy cargo pants – Mango ; striped top – F21 ; patent flats – Payless


Sequined Saturdays


I had the Saturday off! Mwahahaha. It felt so good. Actually I attended the first birthday of my friend's kid. (Kinda surreal as my friend's just my age. Eeep.) After the party, I didn't go back to the office anymore. Cue more evil laughter. It felt so freeing. I'm not a slave to the office really. I have vacations and such. But I do miss leisure Saturdays from time to time.

So how did I spend this highly appreciated day off? At F21. Guilty. I didn't break the bank. I was perfectly in budget. At least until we swung by Payless and bought a pair of polka-dot lace-up espadrilles. It's summer. Cannot resist. I guess Saturday office is a good thing. It prevents financial breakdowns.

sequined top - Pimkie (gifted by J) ; button down - Zara ; skirt - Promod ; 
lace-up sandals - Charles & Keith ; bag - Jellybean


Sunday Clothes...on the other side of the world

Whilst my sisters have been efficient with their snaps, the hubby and I have not. There's nothing like good ol' healthy hubby and wife discussions to halt efficiency in its tracks. But, we've prevailed and succeeded in taking outfit photos without too much bloodshed :)

This is my current favorite outfit for weekends. Babydoll blouse to give room during brunch, check. A cropped cardi with faux fur to add a bit of contrast and lux, check. Staple skinny jeans and cozy velvet-lined boots, check. (I've snuck "weekend" to work a couple of times by switching the jeans with a pair of brown wool slacks. Such a rebel, ain't I? :))

top - Mango; knit - Promod; jeans - Zara;
boots - Goertz17; earrings - Pimkie


Sunday clothes

knit cardigan – F21 ; tank - ? ; skirt – Greenhills tiangge ; 
lace-up sandals – Charles & Keith ; necklace – Mango (mom’s)

cropped blazer – H&M (gifted by J) ; tank – F21 ; 
skirt & sandals – from AU ; belt – SM dept store

We snapped these pics with my phone in the 5 minutes that we’re warming up the car. It was highly efficient of us. Pat on the back.

And look who I got in this post! I love C’s outfit - fun and yet balanced nicely by the cropped blazer.

As for me, the outfit felt a bit too girly for my age (almost 26. Eeep.) I mean when do you stop wearing pink frilly skirts? Or is it still ok? Or perhaps it should be paired with something more structured or serious looking. I don’t know what to wear lately. In need of a more polished look.





I love to eat, occassionally cook, and am an avid viewer of Barefoot Contessa and Nigella Bites. But I have a couple of friends who's just crazy about food. They know numerous restaurants I have never heard of, and those restos reach as far as Quezon and Pampanga. It's always good to be in their company as I get to join their gastronomic adventures. Last Saturday we had dinner at Azuthai for a 9-course meal for only 500 bucks. Not bad eh? It was a discounted meal booked over a month ago. I'm still reeling over the tom yum goong, bagoong rice, pomelo salad, and the refreshing coconut dessert. Well worth it.

long sleeved top - Zara ; striped skirt - F21 ; flats - Janylyn ; 
necklace - Diva ; ring - from a bazaar ; earrings - ?