Sunday Clothes...on the other side of the world

Whilst my sisters have been efficient with their snaps, the hubby and I have not. There's nothing like good ol' healthy hubby and wife discussions to halt efficiency in its tracks. But, we've prevailed and succeeded in taking outfit photos without too much bloodshed :)

This is my current favorite outfit for weekends. Babydoll blouse to give room during brunch, check. A cropped cardi with faux fur to add a bit of contrast and lux, check. Staple skinny jeans and cozy velvet-lined boots, check. (I've snuck "weekend" to work a couple of times by switching the jeans with a pair of brown wool slacks. Such a rebel, ain't I? :))

top - Mango; knit - Promod; jeans - Zara;
boots - Goertz17; earrings - Pimkie

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