Work and After Work

Our "no casual Fridays" rule was sadly reiterated some weeks ago. Not the one to simply acquiesce this comfort, this humble serf thought of other ways to circumvent corporate monarchy.

Hardy slacks that has the feel of jeans, check. Loose, untucked jersey shirt made presentable by a soft blazer, check. Statement necklace -- I can wear no matter what occasion :)

After work, the hubby and I went to the movies and watched "The Artist". Throw off the blazer, change into jeans and emu boots and I'm good to go.

Folded down emu boots have a way of projecting hobbit-like proportions onto its wearer, but when watching movies, comfort is now my number 1 priority. (Popcorn is the close second.) I would smuggle in my blanket, oversized pillow and incense candle if I could :)

shirt - COS; blazer & pants - Zara; shoes - TK Maxx; boots - emu; necklace - ebay


Neon neon

These were taken last weekend. Neon yellow is more versatile than I thought. It's actually easy to match with both neutrals and brights. Good buy.

So it's the middle of the long weekend. I spent the past 2 days relaxing at home. So far I've watched some series (Game of Thrones and Sherlock), altered some clothes, baked cookies, made crepes, attempted to make white sauce (result: inedible), did a bit of work, and best of all, slept in late. Man, I wish we can have more long breaks like this.

And side note: Sherlock is awesome. It's funny, creative, and fast paced. I was skeptical at first since it's about a modern day Sherlock Holmes set in London, and deviations like that can be corny. But the show actually retains an old world vibe and the characters are spot on. Holmes has the right mix of wit, eccentricity, and self awareness. So even if Sherlock texts and use the Internet, it's much more true to the original than the Robert Downey version.

 top, skirt - The Ramp ; sandals - Mendrez