Word of the day

So it's been a while. Understatement. It took me a minute to recall the URL of the blog. Anyhoo, here's an outfit. I'm really liking boy-ish clothes hence the boyfriend jeans and anorak. I've been attracted to simple, semi-androgynous looks and now even more so. (See Sara Strand's fabulous blog). It might look ordinary, but it's the straight forward silhouettes and the casualness that makes it appealing. Anorak is a slang by the way about obsessing over little things. So segue, I'm being an anorak on Lorde's album Pure Heroine. It's so moody and immersing and heartfelt. More than half of the album is in my ipod's Top 25 Most Played. Total anorak.

jeans - Zara ; top - Cotton On ; anorak - F21 ; 
flats - Payless ; bag - Hanuman