Like PJs

Finally I have a pair of printed pajama-like pants. I’ve been looking for a while and never thought I’d find a good fit in Bayo. Actually the store has a knack of surprising me with pieces that fill the gaps of my wardrobe. It’s a rare occurrence, but when that certain pants or shirt or jacket appears, it’s just so right I don’t think twice to bring em to the cashier. Another example is this crop top. It’s the perfect length to pair with high waisted things. Plus the material is sort of suede-ish – what more can I ask? And in the danger of sounding like an ad, the flats are from Bayo too. Total coincidence.


Top, pants, flats – Bayo ; necklace – F21



Another long break. What's the reason this time? I have no photoshop! My old laptop crashed last December and I'm still in the process of collecting apps. Plus my new monitor has a blueish tint so I don't know what the pics actually look like. So from here on out if my photos are orange-y, you know the reason.

Anyway, these were taken by J last December during our trip to Camiguin. We stayed in the same resort that we went to 12 (13?) years ago. We barely recognized the place; it looked so chic and resort-y now. But one thing that stayed the same or as my fuzzy memory remembers it - the hammocks overlooking the beach. Slice of paradise.

cover up - Plains & Prints