No bend and snap in a crop top

Watched Legally Blonde last Sunday. Due to our last minute ticketing, we got seats on the very last row! Squint as you might, the faces of the actors are impossible to distinguish. But thanks to Elle's very blonde hair, she can be spotted instantly on stage.

Nikki Gil is really good as Elle Woods. Love her voice. Really cool to the ears. Even when she's having an exaggerated blonde moment, she's not irritating unlike some of the high-pitched sorority sisters. But when they all squeal together, oh dear, it was a reminder of why I wasn't a big fan of the movie, which led to the question of why I bought tickets to the play in the first place. But still, I had some pretty good laughs. And the "Gay or European" number was hilarious.

This shirt is my 3rd DIY attempt on clothes. I picked up sewing a couple of weeks ago and got pretty hooked. For this shirt, I followed the (awesomely free) pattern of this blog. I modified it to have sleeves so that the fabric will have more allowance in the chest area. I turned to this detailed shirt tutorial for the sleeves. Not perfect but I'm proud that the sleeves fit the armholes. I'll be steering clear of sleeved shirt projects for the moment though, they make me nervous and antsy.

crop top - DIY, skirt - Bayo, bag - Egg, 
studded sandals - People are People, necklace - Mphosis

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