Night and day

I realized I have been wearing way to many florals. The last post even looked a bit grandma-ish florals, so I'm now imposing a ban on flowery prints. Mind you it's a short term ban. I'd probably go back to them in a week's time.

Anyway the upper picture is what I wore for our Sat morning classes (the last one!). For dinner at Chilis, I swapped the jacket with a vest, changed from flats to sandals, and put on some colorful earrings

And if you noticed, there's a sudden influx of furniture. The pup is currently residing in the mini veranda just beyond the sliding doors. She kept on scratching the furniture so they're all transferred inside the house for the meantime. I guess they're now my background props. heh

gray tank - Topshop; inner black tank - ? ; gray pants - Zara; 
studded sandals - People are People; cropped jacket - Iora; vest - Bayo


  1. hey, nagpakulay ka na ba ng hair? :D:D:D

  2. nice night and day transformation! :)

  3. no, still hesitating!