Stripes and florals too

Came from a motherside potluck bonanza. Nowadays it only happens once a year, or twice. It's always a meal we get excited about. Hello crabs. Hello shrimps. And while attendance was lower than usual, those present made it our duty to pick up the slack. Case in point is the lack of belt in this post party picture. I wore a black stretchy belt but had to remove it before tackling dessert. A cousin at one point removed her high waisted shorts (to reveal a loose tunic). Yep potlucks are not to be dealt lightly.

This dinner was in celebration of all the August celebrants by the way, which explains the 6 chocolate cakes being shared by the 10 celebrants present. And the last picture is the specialty cake of my aunt. Creamy flan + moist chocolate. So good.

skirt - Zara; striped sleeveless top - ? from HK

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