Updated Basics

I've been needing (yes needing) a black bag for ages but for some reason been putting off buying one. Then I read somewhere that a structured bag can make even the most slouchy outfit look pulled together. I thought that makes perfect sense. So obvious. Slouchy bags suddenly won't do. I need a structured bag stat! I bet you can guess what happened next and where all the Christmas angpao(s) went to.

Pop culture side comment: Sherlock has come and gone. Yes, folks, after 2 joyous weeks, the wretched haitus begins again. I can't tell you how much the new season made me more energetic and all around happier on Mondays when the episodes are available. No Monday blues at all nor were there holiday hangovers. If only Sherlock can stretch it's unreasonably short season, it will improve the quality of life... Kidding. Only slightly. But I guess that's how the evil show runners masterplanned it. Always leave the audience wanting more. Now excuse me as I go rewatch that bit where Sherlock and John get drunk and do drunk deductions. At least we'll always have that to tide us over. Til the next season! And may we not have to wait another 2 years.

Top & pants – Mango ; flats – Payless ; bag – Charles & Keith

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