Winterfeld Markt

Busy busy busy...

Finally found a few minutes to post some snaps we took at the Winterfeld Markt in Berlin. It's an open-air market during Saturdays that sells all sorts of foodstuff, from fresh produce to Russian dumplings. My favorites so far at the grilled fish stall and the cappucino & tiramisu stand. The whole market is very unpretentious, authentic, folksy and down-to-earth...a side of Berlin that I absolutely adore.

In the first pic, I was trying out a homemade mango sorbet. Verdict? Not close to our tangy-sweet-tasty Philippine mango, but still quite good. In the second pic, D and I were waiting for our grilled fish.

Oh, my camera wheel got stuck right after this pic was taken :( Fortunately, our Greek Gleek Geek friend arrived then, Midas-touched my camera and the camera wheel worked again...for now. Btw, I was not kidding. He touched it and it worked. A Percy Jackson type in disguise? Haha!

Silk romper - Kookai (from 145 euros, it was discounted to 30 euros, I kid you not!);
pale pink cardigan with chiffon collar detail - Mango; black knit kimono - H&M; flipflops - Havaianas

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