Now I'm back from outer space

Longest blog break yet. Been a bit lazy taking outfit photos. Which is good because this is sort of narcissistic. But anyway, here I am again. And to start off, here's a double post of blazers. Because if anything's going to pull me out of hibernation, it's gonna be a good blazer.

This one I wore to office. I threw on the blazer at the last minute when I heard we might have visitors. Turns out the meeting was cancelled. Toink.

This one I wore to a fancy debut with a Parisian theme. I actually didn't follow the color scheme of gold, copper, nude, and black, as I don't own dresses of those color. But the ruffles kind of have a Parisian vibe right? And I just hid behind the blazer to tone down the brightness of the dress, which pops out amid the neutral gowns. Not to mention to combat against the freezing air conditioning. Win win.

outfit 1: blazer - Zara ; tee - Oxygen ; jeans - Terranova ; flats - Payless
outfit 2: dress - Zara ; peep toe pumps - Payless

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