Chasing the clouds away

Weather's getting a bit nippy in Leipzig, but I still haven't gotten enough of summer! This year's summer has been painfully short--something like two months' worth of sunshine.

Then again, it is September (ba-de-ya, de-ya de-ya) ...Get on with the program, Jill. (Where did time fly though?!)

The plus side of this whole nippy-weather-thing is that I can start layering again for autumn. Peep toe booties, cardigans, tights and skirts!

By the way, I'm really on the phone here with my friend from Bonn. He's dishing the latest gossips and people drama in my old city. I thought it best to multi-task and take photos, although you could see I was sort of shocked by some of his news! :)

Tunic - Lhasa (located in Powerplant's tiangge); Batwing cardigan - Zara;
Pants- Zara; Belt - SM Department Store; Booties - Buffalo

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