Sort of channeling Mondo Guerra

Oh Lordy, I am not scratching my head. It's that "tucking a lock of hair behind the ears" pose. I really should do something about this whole posing business. Like, learn it, for starters. Models of ANTM, GNTM, etc. etc. I have renewed respect for you.

Hookay. So. The outfit. Watching Project Runway Season 8, I found Mondo Guerra's ability to mix and match prints a wondrous thing to behold. It's done so effortlessly, and the result so chic. So I dug around my closet and inside a secondhand store in Munich, and came up with this outfit. It's not exactly like the Jackie O Challenge outfit, but until I have the powers of Heidi Klum and simply ring Mondo and ask with a German accent, "do you have my dress?", this will do. (The German accent, perhaps I can work on--I am thus one step closer to my goal. Mwaha!)

The skirt is a tad too big though, and I hope to have it taken in when I fly home to the Philippines in December. Also, is it possible to transform an A-line into a pencil skirt??

Actually, my current obsession with all things plaid began when I stumbled into this image at Anthropologie's website:

The layers, the tulip hem, the cut, the colors, the positioning of the print--siiiigh, what a beauty. But unless someone magically hands me 144 euros and say, "Go forth and shop without guilt", then I guess my thrift find combo will do :) (Btw, why are the prices on Anthro's European website more expensive than the US one? Boo.)

Gosh, what a long outfit post. I must really be obsessed with plaid! Plaid-ly obsessed. Hee!

black cropped jacket - G2000, striped top - H&M, skirt - thrifted
belt - from the Philippines, tights - H&M, boots - German shoe store

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