CKB thrift find # 1

So this is Find #1 from Colours Kleidermarkt Berlin. This piece was from the "14.99 euros per pound" pile, so I'm guessing this one came up to be around 3 euros.

In the yellow light of the warehouse, I thought the dress was brown, but after I took it home and reveled in the spoils of a good hunt, I realized it was super duper dark brown, bordering on black...like my soul. (Mwahahaha! :))

Anyway, after wearing a mustard undershirt for a pop of color and rolling up the sleeves to take away some of the severity...and after "belting" out some wizardry (excuse the pun)...here's what I came up with:

It looks a bit more put together now, but it still looks severe. A colored belt perhaps? A funky cover-up? Also, it's still big under the armpits, although the belt helped minimize this. I sooo wish I have this girl's talent.

How amazing is this girl Marissa who's re-creating a $1 dress everyday for a year? She's currently doing a "Dye Week" theme, where she's re-coloring her thrift finds. This makes me think if I can dye this dress, but with the fabric and dark color, would the new color take hold? Plus, would the dye wipe out the print? I have no idea. *clueless blink blink*

mustard top - Terranova; dress - thrifted
brown tights - Yorn; shoes - Zara; "J" necklace - gift from godmother :)

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