Here comes the sun

Excuse the face. Sometimes I forget to make a nice face at the end of the 10 second timer.

This bag is a gift from my sister from her trip to Morocco. I love how it makes an ordinary outfit look cool. The woven leather, raw fringe, and buckled strap - so perfect.

So this Sunday was a duplicate of last Sunday. Rockwell and Dulcinea churros yet again. Not a bad routine eh? Our purpose was actually the Moonlit Bazaar. There were lots of trendy and affordable items inside. But as usual, when there’s too many things, I get overwhelmed and end up buying very little. I did make 2 purchases: a plain white razorback and a shiny purple clutch with a huge bow. The bag is reminiscent of Madonna in her Material Girl stage, complete with black lace details. It's so unlike anything in my closet. I don’t know what made me buy it. But different is good.

PS. This outfit has sort of a 70s vibe. More in the hippie part of the spectrum. Sibling ESP!

Top – People are People ; skirt – Promod ; bag – gifted by sister

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