Catching Up

Finally, the delinquent blogger has risen from the ashes of her thesis research materials.

...or emerged from the depths of her moving boxes.

...or shrugged off her corporate-slave-by-day persona.

...or finished the highly addictive and thought-provoking Hunger Games and is now grappling with such loss and hangover, that she's turned to blogging.

...or, it was all of the above.

Yes, it's all of the above. I felt like I've been away for so long that I've lost touch with the world. What with the speedy changes of news and pop culture and trending topics on the internet, I don't doubt it's true.

Anyhoo! Time to play catch up!

So something like my sister's "Opposite Ends" post, below is a photo pre-internship, pre-Duesseldorf and pre-thesis completion. Note the sad, sad look due to the then-thesis-dilemma. Seriously, I wasn't pulling a "model" face...it was the face of desperation! (I was really thinking of my thesis! Silly me :))

And then this is me a few days ago, in my new room in Duesseldorf, after coming back from work. Feeling excited and apprehensive about the internship. Glad to be in a casual and creative environment. But also drained after the end of each working day.

Okay, outfit comments. I may have rushed things a bit when I ditched my boots for a pair of high heeled pumps. It was crazy in this winter weather, but I was itching to wear my high-waisted cropped pants, which I snagged from Zara at 14 euros (after being marked down from 39 euros)! I can't wait until the weather permits going blazer-less, because I think the puff-sleeves go so well with the cropped pants :) (The puff-sleeved top was also a bargain from 2009's winter sales.)

So how's that for a comeback blog entry. Nyahhhh...really rusty. Aw, apologies! More soon once I've settled down in my new shared flat in Duesseldorf...which is really not the same as having our own place in Leipzig. Oh well! Let's see what the future brings :)

Outfit 1: purple undershirt - United Colors of Benetton; striped top and white knit - H&M
pants - H&M; boots - from a German shoe store

Outfit 2: black top - Mango; blazer and pants - Zara
heels - Charles and Keith; belt - part of another outfit; flower ring - Orsay

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