Sunny shiny windy day

We went to the Bagui windmills – a very impressive sight. Sleek and modern as they are, they don’t look out of place at all against the natural backdrop. It was a perfect marriage of nature and technology on both form and function. Sadly we only had 15 minutes there. The sun was stinging and the sand was like hot coals under our feet. Our tour group quickly went back to the air conditioned coasters after the group photo-op. Alas, we had longer bathroom breaks than this. We didn’t even have time to get decent photos. Ah well, at least it prevented us from being complete burnt toasts.

On H: purple tank – borrowed from ma ; sheer floral top – Bayo ; denim shorts – Greenhills tiangge
On C: floral top – Milk & Co ; striped cover up – F21 ; shorts - ?

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