Pencil skirt

The past week was pretty awesome – Harry Potter movie AND David Archuleta concert. What can possibly beat that?

I got a bit emotional on the HP movie (as with every other Potter fan who watched the film, I’m sure). It brought back feelings of reading Deathly Hallows. It’s an end of sorts, you know? Blubber blubber. Now my new mission in life is to get to the Florida theme park. Is there a flying broom I can borrow? Accio broom?

As for the DA concert, it was even more enjoyable than I had expected. Seeing David perform on the big stage was magic. He’s so energetic and unabashedly expressive. And his voice is so good, even when constantly bouncing around the stage. It’s the first concert where I really notice the dilemma of looking at the screen and missing his moves versus looking at the stage and missing his facial expressions. Ack, fan girl moment. And on a much younger guy too, haha. It shows that age doesn’t matter when it comes to music or the arts - when you have it, you have it.

As for the outfit, it's a bit French oui oui? This reminds me of an SNL sketch featuring Emma Stone. Funny dance!

top - F21 ; skirt - Mango ; bag - Esprit (gifted by mom) ; flats - Payless

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