Color up

Here's a toast to color. I'd love to pair these with some royal blue flats, but for the moment I have some sparkly rubber flats instead. Never thought I would own a pair of jelly shoes one day, but when the underside of the shoes are sparkly too, it's got me convinced.

Non-outfit related:
I started watching The Office again after learning it's ending. I realize no other show makes me laugh more - like laugh-out-loud laugh. How they make hilarious stories out of a dull workplace is amazing. I’ll miss you, Office. And Jim and Pam. Best fictional couple.

PS. Staples recently developed a Dunder Mifflin brand for paper and other office supplies. That’s really smart!

Outfit 1: top (mom’s) & lace shorts – F21 ; flats - Holster
Outfit 2: top – Mango ; skirt – F21 ; necklace – from aunt

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